new site-specific production 2024 - première 15 June 2024

concept and choreography: Nicola Galli
dance: Nicola Galli, Giulio Petrucci
dramaturg: Giulia Melandri
promotion: Margherita Dotta
production: LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura, TIR Danza
artistic residency: Oriente Occidente

COSMORAMA is a site-specific creation centred on the close relationship between dance and landscape and presents a gestural journey carried out in a diffuse and itinerant way by two dancing bodies, engaged in the generation of an invisible and mimetic dance to become a crossroads between the folds and reliefs of the landscape.
In the desire to continue a research focused on the profound relationship between the natural and the artificial, COSMORAMA immerses the audience in a dance experience in nature between distant and close views, physical proximity and panoramic distance without the imposition of a hierarchy of looking and that "unfolds" - between lines, vanishing points and counterpoints - in a collective ascent to rediscover living, observing, constructing and dancing together the landscape.

Nicola Galli