Deserto tattile
new production 2024 - première3 September 2024 / Festival Oriente Occidente

concept, direction and choreography: Nicola Galli
dance: Nicola Galli, Giulio Petrucci
dramaturg: Giulia Melandri
production: TIR Danza, Nebula
co-production: Oriente Occidente, other partners being defined
artistic residences: TROIS C-L, Oriente Occidente, PIM Off
with the support of: Network Grand Luxe, Orbita | Spellbound Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza

selected work NID Platform 2023 - open studios

Deserto tattile is the second episode of Nicola Galli's choreographic research dedicated to the desert and the notion of landscape.
Starting from the research path that gave birth in 2018 to the first episode entitled "Deserto digitale", the imaginative vision of the desert takes shape again in the renewed desire to investigate the features of contemporary society and the reflection of human activity on the world: a growing social solitude, anthropic speed and the "evaporation" of the concepts of distance and limit.
The choreographer's poetics - devoted to the absence of hierarchies between the languages and elements that make up the scene - unites and condenses gesture, light and sound in an organic and interdependent relationship to generate a figurative archive that narrates the desert as an uninhabited physical space, a landscape of the body and an inner existential condition.
The abyss of places around the world and the depth of the human soul take shape on the stage, crossed by opaque and silent travelling figures that invite our gaze to contemplate tactile and muscular images and to get lost in multiple perspectives that appear and dissolve in a magma of sound capable of suspending the cadence of everyday life to the point of unravelling the perception of space-time.

Nicola Galli