new creation 2023

concept and choreoraphy: Nicola Galli
dance: Nicola Galli, Massimo Monticelli
light interaction: Margherita Dotta
production: TIR Danza
co-production: MARCHE TEATRO / Inteatro Festival, Fondazione I Teatri di Reggio Emilia
artistic residences: ICK Amsterdam, Inteatro Festival, Fondazione I Teatri di Reggio Emilia
with the support of: CCN Ballet de Lorraine accueil studio 22/23, ATER Fondazione
in collaoration with: Rete Almagià

The new choreographic project ULTRA focuses on the notions of stratification and landscape and looks underground, at the dark, earthy cavities that host an invisible world silently flowing beneath our feet. Small mammals, arthropods, invertebrates, microorganisms, plants and roots, bacteria and fungi make up an intelligent biodiversity, engaged in the complex process of connection, intellectual exchange and transformation of the world.
Sensory and perceptual, tactile and auditory, electromagnetic, chemical and digestive abilities make up an incredible cognitive, intellectual and mutualistic capacity, as well as a connecting point between biological kingdoms that unite in a sophisticated communication network.
In an attempt to contemplate and bring to light this ever-changing functional order that remains unknown to the human being, ULTRA constructs an underground space, a terrarium of remains and detritus in which two bodies practise to become intelligent crossroads and co-inhabitants of a scenic landscape that transforms into cavern, crater and swamp. They rely on the features and intentions of the animal, plant and fungal kingdoms, becoming invertebrates, exoskeletons, roots and mycelium.
The two bodies are called upon to be guardians of this scenic ecosystem and to be sensitive organisms capable of losing their condition as single individuals in order to embrace a porous and symbiotic thought.
In its desire to further investigate the relationship between human and nature, ULTRA interrogates the human being starting from his fundamental linguistic achievements - phonemes, language and the symbols that produce discourse - and experimenting with the concept of 'fall' understood as the twilight of human hegemony.
In the close relationship between body, sound, vocality and light, the dramaturgy questions models and representations of the hierarchical order of the world in a continuous reversal of points of view and unhinges the centrality of the human, author of profound transformations, fractures and destruction.
ULTRA thus proposes an ultra-human perspective highlighting a hidden organisation of reality capable of including knowledge, visions, times and languages to offer a deeper understanding of the world.

Nicola Galli