new creation 2023

concept and choreoraphy: Nicola Galli
dance: Nicola Galli, Massimo Monticelli
light interaction: Margherita Dotta
production: TIR Danza
co-production: MARCHE TEATRO / Inteatro Festival, Fondazione I Teatri di Reggio Emilia
artistic residences: ICK Amsterdam, Inteatro Festival, Fondazione I Teatri di Reggio Emilia
with the support of: CCN Ballet de Lorraine accueil studio 22/23, ATER Fondazione
in collaoration with: Rete Almagià

ULTRA, the new choreographic project of Nicola Galli is focused on the notion of “stratification” and “landscape” that continues an artistic research on the ancient relationship between human and nature.
ULTRA gazes into the subsoil, into the dark and earthy caves hosting an invisible and silent world: little mammals, arthropods, invertebrates, microorganisms, plants and roots, bacteria and fungi make up an intelligent biodiversity, engaged in the complex process of connection, intellectual exchange and transformation of the world.
Sensory and perceptive, tactile and auditory, electromagnetic, chemical and digestive skills constitute incredible cognitive, linguistic and mutualistic capacities that are the junction point between the biological kingdoms, united in a sophisticated communicative network that allows the activation of symbiotic relationships.
In an attempt to bring to light this functional and hidden order to our perception, ULTRA wants to question the human being and his fundamental linguistic achievements - phonemes, language and graphic symbols - to reflect on our positioning and statement in the world and on a new possible communication system that redefines the concept of intelligence in an inclusive way.
ULTRA experiments the concept of the fall as the twilight of human’s hegemony over the world, pays attention to the fracture between these two subjects to try to "mend" a contemporary chasm and offer a scenic vision of a welcoming planetary garden.
In the close relationship between body, sound, voice, light and smell, the dramatic plot aims to propose a window on the hidden world, to train mental flexibility, to perceive a balanced and deep symbiotic organization of reality that includes knowledge, visions, times and languages for a deeper understanding of the world.

Nicola Galli