prime visioni sottocutanee
body installation

year: 2011

concept: Nicola Galli
action and creation: Nicola Galli, Elisa Mucchi
fragment of the project "Oyeme con los ojos" directed by Natasha Czertok

"El alma, pues, suspensa
del exterior gobierno - en que ocupada
en material empleo,
o bien o mal da el dìa por gastado - ,
solamente dispensa
remota, si del todo separada
no, a los de muerte temporal opresos
lànguidos miembros, sosegados opresos
los gajes del calor vegetativo,
el cuerpo siendo, en sosegada calma,
un cadàver con alma,
muerto a la vida y a la muerte vivo,
de lo segundo dando tardas señas
el del reloj humano
vital volante que, si no con mano,
con arterial concierto, unas pequeñas
muestras, pulsando, manifiesta lento
de su bien regulado movimiento."

Juana Inés de la Cruz "Primero Sueño"

Nicola Galli

"[...] Galli creates an operation of scarification of the body, eliminating progressive layers, from the epidermal to the muscle, in order to arrive to the skeletal structure and probe with surgical precision its potential. This is a process that proceeds from the borders of the body to its internal structure in order to render it rich, bring it out and realize a visual translation in the outer space. We participate to a system that contemplates on the performing project a synergy between empty and full, inside and outside, density and absence.
The performer acts forced into two cubes with different dimensions, embedded one into another, subjected to extreme flattening and reduced to a bubble wrap square with an empty space in the middle, which is also square. So it's established a relationship of connection with the three-dimensional white cube, deprived of one of the side, wherein Nicola Galli and Elisa Mucchi, or Galli during a solo, close in and act their bodies during "prime visioni sottocutanee", installation of 2012, designed for MDV project and for the project "Oyeme con los ojos", hosted in different locations including the window of a clothing store."

Andrea Scappa [ "Echi ossei" - Roma - waiting for DNA 2013 ]

Nicola Galli

Nicola Galli