Delle ultime visioni cutanee
4 capitoli sul paesaggio
year: 2014

production: stereopsis / TIR Danza
concept, choreography and action: Nicola Galli
props: Andrea Mosca
costumes: Acne studios
rehearsal space: Spazio Casaglia, stereopsis, Teatro Astoria / TIR Danza
a special thank to: Valeria Castellaneta
length: 30 minutes

developed at the Institut Culturel Italien de Paris - Hôtel de Galliffet
selected work NID Platform 2015

DELLE ULTIME VISIONI CUTANEE is the final episode of a previous choreographic research developed in the performance prime visioni sottocutanee, O | proiezione dell'architettura ossea and the installation OSSO.
The performance is based on the presentation of an installation environment, applying in an analytical way the principle of reproduction in the greenhouse. In this habitat the plant begins its life cycle, from planting and sprouting to obtaining the fruit which will become protection, nourishment and a means of reproduction for the seed.
The action is divided into 4 chapters, which correspond to the representation of 4 landscapes: botanic, orographic, ethological, scenic.
In this visual and motory device, body and objects are subjected to exercises of micro and macroscopic manipulation, exposed through the use of a modular illumination which exerts a focus on a cracked, peeled, skinned, or exfoliated and irritated detail.
The scenic score develops along two principal lines of action, referring to the pictorial and choreutic aesthetic canons of the Renaissance perspective and linear metric. The epithelial exercise on the table alternates to space and volume of the scene, in a kind of plastic transposition of the body movement.

Nicola Galli

Nicola Galli Nicola Galli

Nicola Galli