Nicola Galli (1990, Italy) works on body research and he is choreographer, dancer, light and costume designer.
His research stated in artistic pieces and devices that ranges from choreography to performance, from body installations to graphic-visual design.
Starting from natural sciences, geometry, astronomy, architecture and a passion for photography, his gaze is fascinated by human anatomy, light and sound, key elements that nourish the close relationship between the subjects that inhabit the scene in a perspective of interdependence.
His work embraces a transversal scenic vision, in which the body becomes the irradiate core of an artistic research and a sensibility focused on the exploration of movement as a part of different knowledges.
Galli starts as agonist gymnast and then approaches the languages of contemporary dance with Teatro Nucleo and later dancing for the company CollettivO CineticO from 2010 to 2014.
Since 2010 he has been developing a choreographic research focused on the deep relationship between human and nature and on the analysis of the notions of "stratification" and "landscape".
Contextually to artistic research, Nicola Galli creates and manages educational workshops dedicated to children, adults and young dancers, designed to explore the movement, discover new visions and perceptions of the body and new reflections of his own physical and communicative border.
Since 2014, he has been an artist supported by the production organisation TIR Danza.

His works have been presented in: Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Holland, Peru, Switzerland and via livestreaming in South Korea.
He has also collaborated with important international Institutions: Balletto di Toscana (Florence), MUSE Science Museum (Trento), Scuola Normale Superiore University (Pisa), Fondazione Perugia Musica Classica (Perugia), Institute of the Arts (Seoul), IUAV University (Venice).

• 2018: "Equilibrio Award" - Fondazione Musica per Roma with the pièce Deserto digitale
• 2018: "Danza & Danza Award" as best new choreogprapher with the pièce De rerum natura
• 2019: italian award "Sfera d'Oro per la danza"
• 2021: "Radicondoli per il teatro in the name of Valter Ferrara" award for innovation and use of new technologies in the theater with the performance Genoma scenico | digital device

Galli is present in the volume "La rete che danza" published by Anticorpi - edited by Fabio Acca and Alessandro Pontremoli - and "Almanacco di Corpogiochi: un atto politico" published by Cantieri Danza. Moreover Galli pulished a notebook of texts and drawings focused of the creation "De rerum natura".

Nicola Galli is considered one of the most radical author of the nouvelle vague of italian contemporary dance. He has interpreted an hybrid conception of coreographic creation, that explanes into performances and formats as different as coherent on his scenic imaginary. Galli belongs to what we can name "tiers paysage" of contemporary dance, using the french philosopher Gilles Clément's words: a territory rich in unknown relations between languages and elements that contribute to creation of the scene.In his work, Vitruvius thought and spheric perception coexist in a kind of perfect fusion. On one side the body aspires to be unit of measure and simbolic center of the world; on the other, the scene expresses itself as a de-idealized city, that can embrace, in its perspective on dance, phenomena and representations that couldn't aim at revealing a "hierarchy of looking".

Fabio Acca


ph: Cristina Valla

ph: Giuseppe Fasto