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5 di cinque

Catalogof the collective exhibition
published in March 2, 2012

Texts by Viola Invernizzi, Andrea Cravero
Edited by Alessio Moitre, Viola Invernizzi, Ilaria Passaro

The exhibition 5 di cinque was organized by the Moitre Gallery and presenting the research of five emerging artists, aged before or after 1989, the year of publication of "Due di Due", the famous novel written by Andrea De Carlo.

[...] The first installation is essiccatore oculare, a wooden and plexiglass panel with a sort of binoculars on the front side, that allows to see inside of it. From inside a bright light leading the viewer to look inside, as in the diaporama at the dawn of cinema. From inside, however, a strong light associate with a flow of air are emitted, blinding and stunning the viewer. [...] This blindness seems paradoxical for the inauguration of an art exhibition, enjoyed primarily through the view."

Viola Invernizzi